Amazon Chime

4.16.5420 for Android

The Amazon online meetings app


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Amazon Chime is an official Amazon app that lets you hold meetings online through your Android Smartphone, much like Skype. The only thing you need to use this app is an Amazon account.

From the app you can organize your agenda, schedule appointments with just one click, and invite any of your contacts. You can also instantly create a meeting by inviting your contacts to be in it. The meeting manager can also silence any of the users at any point of the meeting.

Amazon Chime’s interface is really user friendly. Through the contacts tab you can send a message to any of your contacts, while in the rooms tab you can manage the different scheduled meetings.

Amazon Chime is an interesting communication app, mainly directed towards business meetings through the internet. This app lets you hold a meeting with any of your contacts anywhere and at any time.

Android 5.0 or greater is required